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     This website is a historic in its content.  This website shares many of the experiences of those who attended or received flight training from the U.S. Army beginning in 1952 until now.   The Viet Nam era of the 60’s and 70’s flight training are shown in detail in this website.
     The flight training during Viet Nam was the largest undertaking accomplished by the U.S. Army.  Hopefully we will never see another need of this magnitude again.
     We do not claim that this is the way it was for every one trained by the Army, but we do try to show how things were in general for most of those who attended flight school with the U.S. Army.

     This brief synopsis is only a simple outline of the events of history for the flight training conducted by the U.S. Army.  You will find more complete and accurate information by visiting the following websites:

U.S.Army -
Fort Rucker Alabama -
U.S. Army Aviation Museum – Fort Rucker Alabama -
Fort Sill Oklahoma -
Fort Stewart Georgia -
Fort Wolters chapter of VHPA-
Camp Gary, Gary Air Force base -
Viet Nam Helicopter Pilots Association –

Flight Class Photos for Officers and Warrant Officers -

                 Warrant Officers

     This website may have contradictory information.  The viewpoints and opinions expressed are of the authors as listed and how they remembered their experiences.  We will attempt to show all events as accurately as possible.  We invite any information which would improve this site. We welcome experiences of any aviator, flight crew member, and anyone who went through training or served at one of the flight schools as Flight or Ground Instructors, TAC Officers and any other Troop Command personnel to include tower personnel, fire truck crews, maintenance crews and etc.

     The U.S. Army Aviation’s greatest success is the accomplishment of the mission by the hard working people who gave their time, experiences and sometimes their lives.  Many dedicated Officers, Warrant Officers, enlisted and civilian personnel have given and continues to give their expertise and hard work to the accomplishment of the Army Aviation Mission to the overall goal of the U.S. Army and the United States.  To these many we say - THANK YOU and GOD BLESS.

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