Frequencies and Stagefields used at Fort Wolters

Fixed Wing Students went to Hunter Army Airfield for their initial flight training.

The day we have been waiting for, has come, finally, to FLY.

It didn't matter if you were an Officer or WOC.  It didn't matter if you came from one of the other services or was a foreign student.  Here at the flight line, we were all the same, we were scared, excited, happy, mad, curious and all of the those feelings of anticipation, etc. 

I don't know about you, but I was nervous and scared and excited all at the same time.  Many who came to flight school were civilian pilots already, but most had never flown before.  I don't remember much of what the IP (Instructor Pilot) told me that first day.  I just wanted to FLY.

In 1968, Fort Wolters had three Heliports to serve as primary staging fields.  All aircraft that left in the morning came back at night.   The Main Heliport, which was the first and Downing Heliport which was built in late 1967.  The third was Dempsey Heliport out by Possum Kingdom Lake.  It was used for more advanced flying.  LZ landings(landing zones), cross country flights, night flights and night cross country flights.

Here it is, Downing Heliport. Everyone on the bus was getting excited on the trip out to Downing.  Downing was a part of the Mineral Wells Airport.  Our classmates, who flew out of the Main Heliport, didn't have so far to travel.  Anyway, we arrived at operations and into a classroom. We took our seats as assigned. Our IP's walked in and sat down. After much time talking and filling out paperwork, we took our helmets and flight gear and headed to the flight line.

This was Downing Heliport in 1968.


Here is what we flew, the TH-55A, OH23 or OH13 helicopter.


These were located at Downing Heliport


These two were at Main Heliport


Walking out to the pad, looking at this beautiful piece of work, and knowing, I was going to FLY. After a thorough Pre-flight inspections. After filling out the -12 and reading the -13, -14 and all of the other - (dashes) in the log book, we climbed into the helicopter.

That first flight on that first day was all it took, it confirmed my desire to fly for the rest of my life.  Most of us are no longer flying  today as we have now retired or have chosen a new career.

After the initial or primary training we were than flew out of Dempsey Army Airfield for our advance helicopter training.  This part of the training taught us how to fly cross country, night flying and some tactical area flying such as confined areas and pinnacles (top of hills).  This flight area was to the west and north of Fort Wolters.

There were times when aircraft would have to make "forced landings" and Medivac would have to be called out an the crew would be flown to the Hospital.  Here is a phone of Fort Wolters Hospital and the Medivac Huey.

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