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The first Army helicopter was acquired around 1947.  The United States Army began training pilots at Camp Gary and Camp Wolters.  Later, in the early 50's the Air Training Department of The Field Artillery School at Fort Sill, Ok took on the challenge.  Later it became to be known as the Army Aviation School, and moved to Camp Rucker, AL in the Summer-Fall of 1954.  The Army Aviation Center was established there, with the Army Aviation School its major functioning element.  Camp Rucker soon became Fort Rucker, and the United States Army Aviation Center (USAAVNC) was established there the following year.  

The Army needed more space to train pilots.  Fort Wolters, Texas was selected to become the Primary Helicopter Training site (USAPHS).  Individual aviator training was consolidated at Fort Rucker in 1973. At that time the training programs at Fort Wolters, Texas, and Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia, were discontinued, which was the additional Advance Helicopter Training site at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Field, Savannah Georgia for the sole purpose of training the additional pilots needed for the Viet Nam War (Conflict).  Fort Stewart is no longer used.

Our special thanks to Col. Colin D. Ciley who served as the Deputy director of Instruction, then Director of the Department of Special Aviation Training (Warrant Officer Career Training and Air Traffic Control Training), then Rotary wing Training from September, and finally, after a reorganization, Director of Advanced Flight Training during the period July 1969 to July, 1972, at the US Army Aviation School. Col. Ciley retired September 1977.  Col. Ciley has contributed to improving accuracy of information on this site.

In 1955 Gary AFB, San Marcos Texas was used for primary flight training there in J-3
Piper Cubs.  From there (would-be)  pilots finished up at Rucker in O-1 Bird Dogs.

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James A. Vansickle
Major, Armor
US Army, Ret.

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