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The Army Air Service, which became the Army Air Corp and then Army Air Force had the overall responsibility to train pilots.  Two bases were established to accomplish the task.  They were Gary, at San Marcos, Texas and Wolters at Mineral Wells, Texas.  During this time the Army Air Force evolved and eventually the US Air Force was created.  The Air Force continued to train Army pilots until mid 50's when the Army moved their training to Camp Rucker, later to become Fort Rucker, and took over the two bases.  The initial pilot training was accomplished by the Air Force at Gary Air Force based to be followed by advanced training at Fort Sill.  In the mid 50's the flight classes were sent to Fort Rucker for Tactical Training.

Here is a good site to learn more about Camp Gary, Gary Air Force base - http://www.tsha.utexas.edu/handbook/online/articles/GG/qcg2.html

Training was dropped at Gary Air Force Base and moved to

Fort Sill, Oklahoma

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