Hunter Army Airfield

Savannah, Georgia

The need of more aviators, because of the VietNam conflict, brought a response and an element of the U.S. Army Aviation School at Fort Rucker, Alabama to Fort Stewart in 1966.  When the Air Force closed their base at Hunter Field in Savannah in 1967, the Army promptly took control and the flight training along with that at Fort Stewart, the U.S. Army Flight Training Center came into being.

After completing Primary helicopter school at Fort Wolters, now we go to the Advance Helicopter Training portion.

At Fort Rucker and Hunter Army Airfield, Ga. the first flight training conducted was the instrument portion. We used OH-13 and TH-13 helicopters, these were converted OH13's with an instrument package. The first four weeks was spent on Basic Instruments.  Advance instruments took us for 4 weeks. We spent a lot of time under the hood. The "hood" was a devise placed over the top of the eyes, like blinder on a horse, to prevent any outside vision other than the instruments. Upon completion of this training we received our Tac Instrument Card.

Next we moved to "Contact" or the Huey (UH-1) transition, here we learned how to take off and LAND safely, carry heavy lands, do autorotations (power off) landings. This portion of the school took four (4) weeks.

Next we went into the tactics phase.  It was broken down into two sections, Tac1 and Tac X.  Each phase was 2 weeks.  We than flew to Tac1 where we learned to do sling loads, low level flying, beacon homing, landing in LZ's (landing zones), more formation flying, troop insertions and extractions, night tactics flying.

At Tac X, we continued to hone our skills and did more Viet Nam type flying. Night time was scary, it was easy to get lost west of Savannah and Fort Stewart very few lights and very little instrument navigation. Many did and have not been heard from since....

After the training was over we had one last flight.  It was the graduation fly over of the whole class.  Can you imagine all of the those student pilots in the same airspace at the same time?

Remember the Flyby of the whole class?

rukacft2.JPG (224884 bytes)

For Warrant Officer Candidates, we received our rank on one day and than were awarded our wings the next day with the Officer Class.

gradoc~1.jpg (664600 bytes)

The Graduation Ceremonies.

For Warrant Officer Candidates, we received our rank on one day and than were awarded our wings the next day with the Officer Class.

After graduation we went to our duty assignments.

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