Weekend passes

What did you do for your passes?

There were many things that attracted our attention. 

Of course there was swimming at the NCO club or on a beach. There were the visits to anyplace that you could dance or get a drink, if you were old enough.  Remember the 3% beer. 
Yes, for those of us who were not married we did go "girl hunting"

Here are just a few places we visited and spent our time.

While at Fort Wolters, there were

Denton, Texas - Remember The Denton Dolly's

Weatherford, Texas 

Mineral Wells, Texas -

Fort Worth, Texas - "The Cellar" hang out for the IP's 

Dallas, Texas

While at Fort Rucker there were

The NCO Club

Panama City beaches, Florida

Remember this place... one of the many places we brought out families or got a room for ourselves for a weekend pass.

Walker Motel - U.S. 84 East, Inside City limits...  I do not believe it is there anymore.


While at Hunter Army Airfield there were

The NCO Club

Savannah, Georgia

Jacksonville, Florida

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