4th Infantry Division
"The Ivy Division"
4th Aviation
Vietnam 1966-197

II Corp Area Fire Support Bases, Forward Support Bases, Landing Zones

LZ Abby
LZ Action
LZ Armageddon
LZ Arnold's Trail
LZ Augusta
LZ Baxter
LZ Big Windy
LZ Blackhawk
LZ Brillo Pad
LZ Buckeye
LZ Bunker Hill
LZ Burgess
LZ Cajun
LZ Challenger
LZ Commanche
LZ Conquest
LZ Courage
LZ Dean
LZ Denise
LZ Doris
LZ Dragon
LZ Emelia
LZ English
LZ Football
FSB Foxtrot
LZ Frustration
LZ Gypsy
LZ Hard Times
LZ Hipshoot
LZ Hooper
LZ Incoming
LZ Invasion
LZ Jackson Hole
FSB Jean
LZ John Henry
FSB Karen
LZ Kiowa
LZ Lance
LZ Laura Kay
LZ Lewis
FSB Lois
LZ Louis
LZ Marty
LZ Mary Lou
LZ Mattie
FSB Melody
LZ Mile High
LZ Niagara
LZ Nicole
LZ Nutmeg
LZ Outrider
LZ Pat
LZ Paula
LZ Phillips
LZ Pluto
LZ Pony
FSB Puma
LZ Raymond
LZ Raquel
FSB Red Fox
LZ Ripple
LZ Roberts
LZ Schueller
FSB Sheridan
LZ Sherry
LZ Snipe
LZ Soper
LZ Spearhead
LZ St. George
LZ Susie
FSB Sylvia
LZ Terrace
LZ Toughie aka Tuffy
LZ Tracer
LZ Two-Bits
LZ Uplift
LZ Ute
FSB Vera
LZ Warrior
LZ Welch
LZ Wildcat
FSB Winnie
FSB Yacht

Un-completed list of Fire Support Bases, Landing Zones, Forward Support Bases that the 4th Infantry used in the II Corp Area of RVN (Republic of Viet Nam)

Here are photos of a few of them.

The Oasis - 3rd Brigade Headquarters of the 4th Infantry Division
oasis.JPG (89251 bytes)
The Oasis, from the landing pad.  the Oasis was almost due west of Camp Enari. The long narrow strip is the landing strip on the south side of The Oasis
At the Oasis At the Oasis
plederan.JPG (82205 bytes)
This was Plei Jerang.  A forward Vietnamese base camp and village.  
South and west of the Chu Pa mountain.
Plei Jerang Vietnamese base camp and village.   This is the Chupa Mountain
This mountain, village and area have been the setting of a couple major battles.  It was also said that it contained huge underground network of tunnels used by the NVA and communist fighters.

More fire support bases and landing zones

Our Tribute - Never to forget - KIA - POW - MIA

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