4th Infantry Division
"The Ivy Division"
4th Aviation
Vietnam 1966-197

"We the People"

4th Aviation Battalion
HHC, HHD, A Co. B Co. & Left Bank

E Company 704th Maintenance

Pathfinder Detachment

Brigade Aviation
1st Bde, 2nd Bde, 3rd Bde

Division Artillery (Dvarty) Aviation

Aviation Cavalry Units
D Troop 1/10th Cav & 7/17th Cav

Vietnam  Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan  *  4th. Aviation today.

History of the 4th Division Aviation units

Submitted pictures. images, photos and graphics of the 4th Infantry Division

Some of the information that was given out to those who went to Viet Nam in the 60's

Ever-growing list of personnel who served in Viet Nam with the 4th Infantry Division Aviation Units - Division, Brigade, Battalion, Cavalry, Artillery, Maintenance.
Members identified is now number over


as of 20 Apr 2016

Our Tribute
"Never to forget"


     We live in an age of those who take and those who give.  When aggressors attack the very foundation of our nation, those who give, give of themselves in many ways.
     It is a sad day that many must give their lives and parts of themselves in the hopes of protecting what they believe in. 
     We shall never forget the sacrifices they have given and we will honor them as protectors of good.  It is up to us to continue our lives in the way they would have lived and to keep and protect the very freedoms they have given us and may have died or been injuried, in the process.

* NEW - 1969 4th Aviation Battalion Yearbook donated by Ralph Stott *




Pictures, photos, images and graphics of the aviation units of the 4th ID

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