4th Infantry Division
"The Ivy Division"
4th Aviation
Vietnam 1966-197

Company "A" - Blackjacks

(The Slick Company)

Denny Hill - Expressing his feelings about getting his picture taken.


orderly.jpg (55855 bytes)

The orderly Room of "A" Company 4th Aviation Battalion 4th Infantry Division.
To the left of the orderly room was the supply room. The flight line and mess hall were to the right. 
The Dayroom was right of the steps, by the water tower

dayroom2.bmp (1086294 bytes)

The area I stood in to take these photos is the Officer's area (facing west).  Two rows of buildings.
To left of building was the Orderly room and supply room, the mess hall was behind the fire truck, the dayroom was in the Quonset hut, top center. 
Both "A" & "B" Officer Clubs and "B" Company was to the right. (next group of buildings)

Watertwr.gif (92248 bytes)

As you can see the water tower has the Blackjack insignia on it.   There is a story here and it will be told later.....something about the lower park of the jack of diamonds with a pointed finger??????

This photo by Dave Cramer

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Our Tribute - Never to forget - KIA - POW - MIA

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