4th Infantry Division
"The Ivy Division"


4th Aviation Re-Activation

2nd Battalion 4th Aviation Regiment (Mustangs)

The 4th Aviation Battalion was organized (constituted) at Fort Lewis, Washington, just east of Seattle, in August 1963.  It was activated in October 1963 and deployed to the Republic of Vietnam in September 1966.  The advance party, B Company, arrived in country on September 25, 1966 to Camp Enari, just south of Pleiku Vietnam.  Within a couple months, the Battalion Headquarters and A Company arrived to complete the Battalion.  D Troop of the 10th Cav. was also activated and arrived in Vietnam in late 1966, followed by 7th of the 17th Cav in early 1967.  In early 1970 the battalion moved to Ankhe, with the rest of the division and left Vietnam and arrived in the states in December 7, 1970.  It was inactivated 4 December 1970 at Fort Lewis, WA.

The Unit was once again activated at Fort Carson CO in March 1982.  It was inactivated in November 1990.

The Unit was activated for the third time in January 1996 in Fort Hood, Texas. 
Viet Nam "B" Company Gambler Guns, vets honored by 4th Infantry Division 4th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion 28 March 2008
It was later inactivated in September 2011.

The last activation was on 3 April 2013 at Fort Carson CO.
Vietnam  Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan  *  4th. Aviation today.

Photos of the re-activated 4th Aviation on April 3, 2013



The unfolding of the Colors (These Colors started with the 4th Aviation Battalion from Vietnam)



(Left to right) HHC - A Company (Blackjacks), B Company, (next picture) C Company (Medivac)



 D Company, E Company & F Company

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