4th Infantry Division
"The Ivy Division"
4th Aviation
Vietnam 1966-197

Photo Pages for the Aviation Units of the 4th Infantry Division

Photos are by permission of the owner.
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Photos supplied by: Unit time frame
Robert H. Allen (SP5) A Company - 1 Photo  
James Bledsoe B Company 1968
Paul Christenson 7/17 Cav  
Joe Cline Artist of aircraft  
Dave Cramer A Company 1968 - 1969
Daniel Delgado E Company 704th Maintenance Battalion 1968
Michael Greenberg Hensel Airfield ATC  
George Heidt FSB Louis - Infantry TOC RTO 1970
Charles Horne A Company  
Steven Hyde A Company  
James Kelly B Company  
Donnie Lail A Company  
Clyde G. Land A Company  
Paul L'Heureux 4th Avn Bn  
Paul Kopriva A Company & E Company 704th 1969-1970
Bruce Loughridge B Company  
Richard Lysinger CH-54 helicopter  
James Marsh (CW2) B Company  
Theodore Mullin A Company 1967
Dave Muxo A, B & other aviation units 1968
James Ollis B Company  
Bill Pollock A Company  
Ray Pollock 4th Avn Bn & "A" Company 1967
Gerald Polman A Company  
Cary Rhodomeyer B Company - MASCOT  
Gary Seidel B Company  
George Shields Camp Enari 1968-1969
Ralph Stott 1969 4th Aviation Yearbook 1968
Nick Trumbo A Company 1969
Larry W. Vice D/1/10th Cav Lizard 69-70
Mike Walsh B Company - UH-1C  
Randy Wallin B Company  
Bill Wells A Company  
Tim Wilkerson 4th Infantry Division webmaster of www.armyflightschool.org
Tom Wilson D/1/10th Cav  
Unknown owners - photos    

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