4th Infantry Division
4th Aviation
Viet Nam 1966-197

4th Aviation Battalion Maintenance Mascot



          "Recently I was looking at the pictures you have posted on the 4th Aviation Battalion page, when I saw the picture of Toolbox!  I was on the flight line helping my crew chief, in late November or early December 1967, at camp Enari, at first I thought I saw a rabbit with its head in a toolbox.  When I went over to check I realized it was a puppy, and he was skin & bones. My crew chief Sp4 Kaplan and I Sp4 Mullin took him to the mess hall and asked the cooks to try to put some weight on our new friend.  When they asked us his name, the first thing that came to our minds was where we found him, eating out of a toolbox, so from then on he was known as "Toolbox".  Toolbox was about 3 months old when we found him.  While I was there he never jumped onto an aircraft, but he was always on the flight line, or in the company area every day.  I shipped out about 6 months later, and never expected to see toolbox again!  I was surprised to see Toolbox's picture on the web."  from Theodore Mullen (SP4)

He loved to fly, In the A.M. we would crank up and start heading out, he would jump on one of the ships and fly with us. He then would jump off at one of the LZ's and we wouldn't see him all day, sometime that night he would jump off another bird. He would do this several times a week. Sometimes he would just stay on the bird.  No matter where we went and where he got off,  he always found his way home on one of our choppers.

I am sorry to report, Toolbox jumped off a moving Duce and half (2 1/2) ton truck and was hit by an on coming vehicle in late 1970 at Camp Enari, before the 4th moved to An Khe.

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