4th Infantry Division
"The Ivy Division"
4th Aviation
Vietnam 1966-197

"B" Company

Gambler Guns


"B" Company's Orderly Room is just above and right of the letter B.  The dayroom is this side of the orderly room.
The Officer's Area is next to the right and near the road on the right is the enlisted barracks and the showers and latrines.

Ever wonder how the Ace of Spades became the Gambler Guns Logo? Click Here

Re-activation of the 4th Aviation - Viet Nam "B" Company Gambler Guns, vets honored by 4th Infantry Division 4th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion Gambler Guns

Ever growing, list of "B" Company personnel

"B" Company Officers

Company Commander

Ferring Theodore J. B 69 70 P MAJ CO - Gambler 6
Gordon John   B 68   P MAJ CO - Gambler 6
Hannon Harold  (Ron) M. B 68   P MAJ CO - Gambler 6
Merritt Ralph William B 66   P MAJ CO - Gambler 6
Mooney     B 69 70 P MAJ CO - Gambler 6
Faust John   B 69   P MAJ CO - Gambler 6
Orr     B 67   P MAJ CO - Gambler 6

Company Executive officer

Pelfrey Kenneth R. B 68 69 P CPT XO - Gambler
Sanger Jasper J. B 70   P CPT XO - Gambler


more photos of "B" Company

James Bledsoe Bruce Loughridge Mike Walsh James Marsh (CW2) Cary Rhodomeyer Gary Seidel Dave Muxo James Ollis George Heidt

bcoimage1.jpg (83452 bytes) Mini-brute.jpg (17056 bytes)
Jim Marsh's Patch Photo supplied by Ed Werner Randy Wallin's patch.

Huey Cobra

jimmarsh.jpg (193505 bytes)

Huey - UH-1C  (check out the Crane high at 1 o'clock position) (photo supplied by Jim Marsh)

loh.jpg (73293 bytes)

This aircraft made an emergency landing at Artillery Hill, Pleiku.  The rotor blades were full of holes after it flew over a "spider hole".
Maintenance repaired this bird and sent it on it's way.  Photo by Tom Wilson 1/10th Air Cav


If you know the name of the Frenchie the Observer, please email us the information. tim@armyflightschool.org

Let us not forget "B" Company Mascot Bridgett

Bridgett was as good a dog as I've ever been around. 
I was at Camp Enari, the 4th Division Base camp, and was assigned to B Co, 4th Aviation Battalion. 
Bridgett would roam the company area and would also show up at the Flight Line.. When we would head to the line for primary duty she would walk with us, never needed a lease for her. 
She was well behaved to everyone except the Vietnamese civilian workers, she would bark and run at them just to chase them.  She never bit anyone that I know of. 
October of 1967 a Sgt., from another company, thought she bit one of his men and he shot at her.  She received it through on one of her hind legs with no bone damage.  The Sgt. was busted to private for the incident.  
She would greet us when we returned to the company area after a mission.  Sometimes she would be at the flight line when we returned and she would run to the chopper and jump in for a head rub. 
I'm sorry I don't remember where each of her pups went, but I do know they went to be mascots for other companies at the camp. 
I also don't know what ever happened to her after I left Vietnam.  I'm sure she was well taken care of cause everyone loved her. 
She was a bit of sunshine in a place we didn't want to be.  Maybe some other members of B Co remember her and what may have become of Bridgett.
Cary Rhodomoyer (photo and information)

B Co. Aircraft Numbers

B Company Photos

Our Tribute - Never to forget - KIA - POW - MIA

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