4th Infantry Division
"The Ivy Division"
4th Aviation
Viet Nam 1966-197

4th Aviation Battalion Photos

Photos by Paul L'Heureux


My name is Paul L'Heureux and I was a member of HHC, 4th Avn Bn in the commo section from Dec 68 to Dec 69.

Downtown Pleiku. Two smells that I will never forget are the sdmell of C.S. Gas in basic and the smell of Pleiku

AC-47 Spooky Gunship

Typical plain jane Vietnam sunset on the flight line

I had just been dropped off to pull guard duty at the C.A. Village.
Blackjack UH-1H - 3rd Platoon, notice the green tail, stinger, cone.

Looking toward Banana Mtn. from my hooch, during the monsoons

Main bunker of Civil Affairs Village


I had KP the day the deer were brought back to the battalion. I don't know names but I believe that is the flight surgeon

Our Tribute - Never to forget - KIA - POW - MIA

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