4th Infantry Division
"The Ivy Division"
4th Aviation
Viet Nam 1966-197

Company "B" - Gambler Guns

Photos and info by Gerald Polman, Gunner

I was a gunner while my tour in Nam, and was proud to fly with the 4th Aviation, and proud of the time I spent there still ..I am now 61 years of age, and enjoy most my 2 sons, and 2 granddaughters.  My passion is riding my Harley,  I retired this past year and plan on riding cross country. A dream of mine, God willing, will happen.
'Anyway, I am happy to be e mailing you and the chance to be part of a history of the Gambler Guns.
Originally, the Gambler Guns , the name, and the Ace of Spades was started back in 1966.  Capt. Ferren, who was the commanding officer of our little unit, and like I said the best pilot that I ever flew with, asked for us Crewchiefs and gunners to come up with a name, and a way to identify each other while flying, when radio silence was on., or off.  The Ace of Spades, was our choice.  I remember painting the Ace of Spades on our Gunship.  The nose, sides on the tail, and top of each ship.  We each had a name of our Huey,.. 7/11 with dice on my main ship.
That Huey, was lost to gunfire in May of 67  ...  We were a young bunch , who got to be the best of friends and comrades..I only wish we were together today.
John Webstur,(Webster)- Jim Stuart, Jerry Frimmel, Jerry Sadler, all crewchiefs:--Steve Mastro, who passed away in 1986, myself (Gerald Polman)  Fred Cuzzo, Robert Therecin(spelling?) Ron Flooding, Troop,(don't remember the first name) were of the first to be there.
Best of my knowledge, we started out with 6 Hueys.   Life changed, and what we had flying changed all the time..

In the photo (group with towel)   John Webster is on the far right, and that's me with a towel---Me cleaning guns. that Huey was new when we arrived, and you can see she was getting pretty shop up, before we were shot down and she burned to the fire wall.  My favorite photo is myself standing in front with shirt off... wish it was better...  you can see the dice on side of 7/11

Our Tribute - Never to forget - KIA - POW - MIA

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