UH-1 (Huey)

The Huey started back in the early 50's.  The original idea was to build a helicopter to haul wounded troops.  Bell Helicopter won the contract.   During Korea the OH-13 and OH 23 were used as a Medivac helicopter.  It could carry two litters and two walking wounded.  That was if the weather was cool enough and low on fuel.  The US Army put forth the idea to have a helicopter to use as a medivac chopper.  After the Huey was built the Army saw that it could be used as a "General Purpose" chopper.  Than as time went on, guns were hung on them and huey gunships were born.

After production began, there were several models made.  The Army had the A,B,C,D,H,M,N and V models.  The Air Force had the E, F and G models and the Navy and Marines had a few.

Most of the Amy Hueys had the Lycoming Engine.  The Air Force used the GE engine.

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UH-1M "Gunship"


Huey Cobra Gunship ( B Company - Gambler Guns)

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This photo appear in many papers in the US in 1968/69.  This one came from the Hamilton, Ohio paper.

This slick, commanded by Warrant Officer Beck Gipson, is parked alongside the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the Plei Trap Valley. They had taken off from the SF camp at Polei Kleng. We think this was on November 30, 1968. * Bill Kane Huntington Station, New York * Feb/11/06

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