4th Infantry Division
"The Ivy Division"
4th Aviation
Viet Nam 1966-197

D Troop Photos

1st of the 10th Cav

These photos are by Tom Wilson

110scout2.jpg (81054 bytes) 110scout3.jpg (68993 bytes) extract.jpg (62502 bytes) 1970 AnKhe Vietnam
The above LOH (Bell OH-58) is dropping a thermite grenade on hootches in an NVA base. A smile at the end of a long day. Above...This is a D-Trp Slick (UH-1H - Huey) extracting a K/75 Ranger LRRP Team.  Notice the purple smoke.  Smoke is was used to identify the good guys.  
AnKhe.jpg (143373 bytes) AnKhe2.jpg (129278 bytes) cobra110gun.jpg (56586 bytes) cobra110snake.jpg (89698 bytes)


sapper3.jpg (127336 bytes) sappers.jpg (123825 bytes) Sappers got through the wires and did a little damage to a couple aircraft. gundog.jpg (107982 bytes)
Think we can still fly it? It just needs a little maintenance....   4th Aviation Aircraft (A/C) used ath airstrip at Artillery Hill, Pleiku to practice running landings.  One of the local dogs, adopted by the crews, would chase helicopters just like chasing a car.  The dog would run out to the A/C   until the rotorwash blew him off the runway.  This picture catches the dog just as he is being blown back.

Our Tribute - Never to forget - KIA - POW - MIA

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