(Warrant Officer Candidate)

There were two tracks (courses) that WOCs could take.  They were;

WORWAC - (Warrant Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course)

WOFWAC - (Warrant Officer Fixed Wing Aviator Course)

Flight Class Photos from WWW.VHPA.ORG

Flight Class Photos for Warrant Officers -

Fort Rucker or Fort Stewart Aviation flight training for WOCs

Warrant Officer Candidates

Anyone who wanted to fly, applied for a position in the flight training program, was either an Officer or a Warrant Officer Candidate (WOC). At the completion of training the WOC became a Warrant Officer.

As a member of the WOC program you had two requirements.  The first was to learn how to be an officer in the US Army and the second was to learn how to fly.

WOCs began their training in "PreFlt."  This was the beginning of the training to become an officer (warrant officer).

As a WOC candidate progressed to "The Hill" and they soon became Senior WOCs.

During Flight Training you were assigned to a flight class and each class was assigned a different color to mark their class.

During training you ate in a "Mess Hall"

Class numbers, in the beginning were numerical, later as class numbers grew and more Officers and WOCS were trained, odd numbers (68-15) indicated WOC students and even numbers (68-16) were Officer students.  The class number in Fort Wolters did not correspond to the numbers at Fort Rucker or Hunter Army Airfield. Class colors did not always follow either.  For a complete list of Class numbers, see the VHPA Web Site for information.  

Class photos are now maintained by VHPA (Viet Nam Helicopter Pilots Association)  for WOC and for Officers it is  The earliest photo is from in 1950s and the last in 1970s.

Fort Wolters Texas earned a place in aviation history to have train more pilots during the twentieth century than anywhere else in the world.

This Hall of Fame, built in Fort Wolters Texas, was a way that pilots could show their respect for the pioneers of aviation and those who came before and for those who follow, to remember.

Let us not forget those who have given their all to keep us free.

Respect - we had to earn it. We did, we came, we fought, we live.

Warrant Officer Candidate Hall of Fame

was Located on "WOC HILL" or "The Hill"

Dedicated on January 3, 1967 by Undersecretary of the Army,
the Honorable David E. Migiffirt

This Hall of Fame no longer exists. Fort Rucker now has a Warrant Officer Hall of Fame to include all specialties of Warrant Officers.

As a Warrant Officer, remember your heritage.  Know that it has been a long hard battle to earn the respect from the officer and enlisted corp.  Do not let them down.

"Never to forget our traditions"


to be an Army pilot "Above the Best"

Fort Rucker or Fort Stewart Aviation flight training for WOCs


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