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Main gate which started the experience of flight school. (photo from VHPA Ft. Wolters)

Welcome to Fort Wolters, Texas. Home of the US Army Primary Aviator Flight School.
(Today Fort Rucker holds this title)

Please visit the VHPA (VietNam Helicopter Pilots Association) Chapter in Fort Wolters web site contains history, photos of Fort Wolters, Now and Than.  They  have recently added many new photos. Also, visit their Museum page.

We came by bus, train, plane and cars.  We came for one purpose...To FLY.  This was our first stop in Army Aviation.

In The Beginning.... for Warrant Officer Candidates (WOCS), it was first to Preflight, the first step in training to becoming part of the officer corp.  For Officers, since they should have already learned how to be one, it was to the flight line.

Class numbers, in the beginning were numerical, later as class numbers grew and more Officers and WOCS were trained, odd numbers (68-15) indicated WOC students and even numbers (68-16) were Officer students.  The class number in Fort Wolters did not correspond to the numbers at Fort Rucker or Hunter Army Airfield. Class colors did not always follow either.  For a complete list of Class numbers, see the VHPA Web Site for information.  

Class photos are now maintained by VHPA (Viet Nam Helicopter Pilots Association)  for WOC and for Officers it is  The earliest photo is from in 1950s and the last in 1970s.

The First Phase of flight school, for WOCS, was preflight.   This was an eye opener.  This was the ground school which prepared them to join the officer ranks. They also received most of their corrective training here. "On the wall, candidate"

TAC Officers and WOC Company Personnel list

More Wolters photos

For the Warrant Officer Candidates it is to


For the Officers it is to the classes and the flight line.

Officer Track

Some War Stories of Flight School

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